Open Source Image Module for docxtemplater

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Open source docxtemplater image module
This repository holds an updated version of docxtemplater image module.
This package is open source. There is also a paid version maintained by docxtemplater author.
Note this version is compatible with docxtemplater 3.x.
You first need to install docxtemplater by following its installation guide.
For Node.js install this package:
npm install open-docxtemplater-image-module

For the browser find builds in build/ directory.
Alternatively, you can create your own build from the sources:
npm run compile
npm run browserify
npm run uglify
Assuming your docx or pptx template contains only the text {%image}:
//Node.js example
var ImageModule = require('open-docxtemplater-image-module');

//Below the options that will be passed to ImageModule instance
var opts = {}
opts.centered = false; //Set to true to always center images
opts.fileType = "docx"; //Or pptx

//Pass your image loader
opts.getImage = function(tagValue, tagName) {
    //tagValue is 'examples/image.png'
    //tagName is 'image'
    return fs.readFileSync(tagValue);

//Pass the function that return image size
opts.getSize = function(img, tagValue, tagName) {
    //img is the image returned by opts.getImage()
    //tagValue is 'examples/image.png'
    //tagName is 'image'
    //tip: you can use node module 'image-size' here
    return [150, 150];

var imageModule = new ImageModule(opts);

var zip = new JSZip(content);
var doc = new Docxtemplater()
    .setData({image: 'examples/image.png'})

var buffer = doc


Some notes regarding templates:
  • docx files: the placeholder {%image} must be in a dedicated paragraph.
  • pptx files: the placeholder {%image} must be in a dedicated text cell.
Centering images
You can center all images by setting the global switch to true opts.centered = true.
If you would like to choose which images should be centered one by one:
  • Set the global switch to false opts.centered = false.
  • Use {%image} for images that shouldn't be centered.
  • Use {%%image} for images that you would like to see centered.

In pptx generated documents, images are centered vertically and horizontally relative to the parent cell.