OpenSSL wrapper to run any command that OpenSSL admits.

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Via npm: ```bash $ npm install openssl-commander ``` You also must have OpenSSL installed in your system.


This module includes types definitions for your amusement.

Intended usage

This wrapper is intended to mimic an OpenSSL command in the terminal. Import as ```javascript const openssl = require('openssl-commander'); ``` Then write the OpenSSL command as: ```javascript openssl.cmd("version").exec().stdout /
OpenSSL 1.1.1f  31 Mar 2020
/ ``` You can include standard input before or after the command, always before exec(): ```javascript const myCert = fs.readFileSync('myCert.pem') openssl.stdin(myCert).cmd("x509", "-noout", "-text").exec().stdout openssl.cmd("x509 -noout -text").stdin(myCert).exec().stdout ``` You may have noticed that the command can be an array of parameters or a single string with the rest of the command. These are the same as running: ```shell $ openssl x509 -noout -text < myCert.pem
_________________   __________
.cmd()          .stdin()
``` Also, you can pipe the output of one command to another OpenSSL command: ```javascript // piping (both accepted) openssl.cmd("mycommand").exec().pipe.cmd("mycommand2").exec().stdout openssl.cmd("mycommand").exec().cmd("mycommand2").exec().stdout ``` You can pass a boolean to exec() to throw on unexpected OpenSSL errors. ```javascript let myCert = "...."; openssl.stdin(myCert).cmd("x509", "-noout", "-text").exec(true) ```
Note: exec() will always throw if Node fails to spawn the OpenSSL process.
You can configure the OpenSSL command with: ```javascript openssl.setOpennSSLCommand(/usr/bin/openssl) ``` --- The error detection for the throwOnOpenSSLError option of exec() is based on mgcrea/node-openssl-wrapper's regex expresions to detect correct executions on some OpenSSL commands and subcommnads. If you find any new regex, please, fill an issue or pull request. ```javascript // Credits to mgcrea/node-openssl-wrapper for these regex: const expectedStderrForAction = {
'cms': { "verify": /^verification successful/i },
'genrsa': /^generating/i,
'pkcs12': /^mac verified ok/i,
'req': { "new": /^generating/i },
'req': { "verify": /^verify ok/i },
'rsa': /^writing rsa key/i,
'smime': { "verify": /^verification successful/i },
'x509': { "req": /^signature ok/i }
}; ```