OpsGenie Node.js SDK

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OpsGenie Node.js SDK
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This is the repository for Node.js SDK of OpsGenie.

Aim and Scope

OpsGenie Node.js SDK aims to access OpsGenie Web API through HTTP calls from Node.js applications.
OpsGenie Node.js SDK covers:
  • Alert API v2
  • User API
  • User API v2
  • Group API
  • Team API
  • Heartbeat API
  • Incident API
  • Escalation API (TODO: will be available soon)
  • Schedule API (TODO: will be available soon)
  • Schedule Override API (TODO: will be available soon)
  • Forwarding Rule API (TODO: will be available soon)
  • Integration API (TODO: will be available soon)
  • Policy API (TODO: will be available soon)

Future releases are subject to be delivered for packing more APIs soon.


Node.js version >=0.6.x is required.
npm install opsgenie-sdk

Getting Started

var opsgenie = require("opsgenie-sdk");

  api_key: "your_api_key",

Those using the European Service Region should set the EU endpooint in the configuration along with the API key.
    'api_key': 'your_api_key',
    'host': 'https://api.eu.opsgenie.com',

var get_alert_identifier = {
  identifier: "alert_id",
  identifierType: "id",

opsgenie.alertV2.get(get_alert_identifier, function (error, alert) {
  if (error) {
    // handle error
  } else {
    console.log("Alert data received", alert);


More samples can be found under /samples directory
Also, checkout "Node.js SDK page" for detailed documentation