Passport.js stub for testing.

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Passport.js stub for testing – Based on Jonathon Kresner's (@jkresner) post.
Written with the idea of being simple to use.


I've been writing my Express API tests with Mocha and Supertest, so here is an example:
passportStub = require 'passport-stub'
request      = require 'supertest'
app          = require '../app'

passportStub.install app
req = request app

describe 'GET /admin', ->

  it 'responds with 401 if not logged in', (done) ->
    req.get('/admin').expect(401).end done

  it 'responds with 200 when logged in', (done) ->
    passportStub.login username: 'john.doe'
    req.get('/admin').expect(200).end done
The user you log in with can be whatever user your app would expect to deal with. It could be a mongoose model, for example.


- .install(app) - .uninstall() - .login(user) - .logout()


Although I didn't use, I've included a few other functions that might be useful. The code itself is pretty simple, so take a look at it.
This module was written in coffee because that was what I was currently using in a project. Feel free to suggest improvements and even a rewrite in javascript.


passport-stub's versions are not backwards compatible, so check this list out (hopefully it won't grow any longer):
  • For passport#<0.2.0, use passport-stub#0.1.x;
  • For passport#>=0.2.0 and express#<4.0.0, use passport-stub#0.2.0;
  • For express#>=4.0.0 and passport#>=0.2.0, use passport-stub#1.0.0;
  • Phew!

Bottom line: try to keep your deps updated. :-)


This is licensed under the feel-free-to-do-whatever-you-want-to-do license.
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