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pathlib ======= A node module to make path manipulation easier. Built on top of the builtin path module. Installation ------------ ``` npm install -S pathlib ``` Usage ----- ```javascript var path = require("pathlib"); // find relative path path("a/b/c").to("a").path // "../.." path("a/b/c").from("a").path // "b/c" // move file tree path("base/path/to/file.ext")
.from("base").mount("other/place").path // "other/place/path/to/file.ext"
// move file path("path/to/file.ext").move("subdir").path // "path/to/subdir/file.ext" // get parent directory path("path/to/file.ext").dir().path // "path/to" // url join path("path/to/file").nav("other/").nav("file").path // "path/to/other/file" // members of original path module are copied. path.join("a", "b", "c"); // "a/b/c" ``` API reference ------------- This module exports a createPath function.

createPath(path: string): Path

Create a Path object.

createPath.Path: Path class

createPath.unwrap(path: Path|Array|object|string): Array|object|string

Unwrap a Path object, return its .path property. If calling with an array, return a new array that each element is unwrapped. If calling with an object, unwrap all enumerable properties.

Path: class

constructor(path: string|Path)

A string to initiate the path.

Path.base(): string

Return basename.

Path.ext(): string

Return extension name.

Path.dir(): new Path

Return the path of parent folder.

Path.rename(option: Object|function): new Path

If calling with an object, it looks for root, dir, base, name, ext properties to decide the new name. ``` .rename({ext: ".txt"}) // change extension to ".txt" .rename({name: "file2"}) // change name to "file2" .rename({root: "D:"}) // change root to "D:" .rename({name: "hello", ext:".world"}) // rename multiple parts at once ``` This method also accept a function, which should accept a PathParseResult and return a option object.

Path.isAbsolute(): boolean

Check if it is an absolute path.

Path.mount(...base: string|Path): new Path

Mount current path on base.

Path.extend(...path: string|path): new Path

Concat all path to the current.

Path.normalize(): new Path

Normalize the path separator. Resolve ".." and ".".

Path.parse(): ParseResult

See nodePath.parse().

Path.from(base: string|Path): new Path

Return path relative to base. string|Path): new Path

Return a relative path which can resolves to target from current path.

Path.resolve(...path: string|Path): new Path

Resolve path base on self.

Path.resolveFrom(...path: string|Path): new Path

Resolve, but start from path.

Path.nav(path: string|Path): new Path

URL join. Its behavior depends on .isDir().

Path.isDir(): boolean

Test if the path ends with "/" or "\".

Path.trim(): new Path

Trim trailing slash.

Path.move(path: string|Path): new Path

Util method to move file along the path to other folder.

Path.moveTo(path: string|Path): new Path

Util method to move file to other path. It works a slightly different than .move. ``` path("a/b/c.dat").move("d").path; // "a/b/d/c.dat" path("a/b/c.dat").moveTo("d").path; // "d/c.dat" ```

Path.isRoot(): boolean

Return true if current path is a root path. Changelog ---------
  • 0.1.2 (Jan 21, 2017)
- Add Path.isRoot.
  • 0.1.1 (Jan 18, 2017)
- Copy original path properties into createPath function.
- Add Path.moveTo.
  • 0.1.0 (Jan 18, 2017)
- First release.