Node.js utility to convert PDF file/buffer pages to PNG files/buffers with no native dependencies.

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Node.js utility to convert PDF file/buffer pages to PNG files/buffers without binary and OS dependencies (except MacOs on arm64).
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Getting started

MacOs M1 prerequisites

MacOs M1 dependencies prerequisites installation
arch -arm64 brew install pkg-config cairo pango libpng librsvg

Package installation

npm install -D pdf-to-png-converter


test(`Convert PDF To PNG`, async () => {
    const pngPages: PngPageOutput[] = await pdfToPng(pdfFilePath, // The function accepts PDF file path or a Buffer
        disableFontFace: false, // When `false`, fonts will be rendered using a built-in font renderer that constructs the glyphs with primitive path commands. Default value is true.
        useSystemFonts: false, // When `true`, fonts that aren't embedded in the PDF document will fallback to a system font. Default value is false.
        viewportScale: 2.0, // The desired scale of PNG viewport. Default value is 1.0.
        outputFolder: 'output/folder', // Folder to write output PNG files. If not specified, PNG output will be available only as a Buffer content, without saving to a file.
        outputFileMask: 'buffer', // Output filename mask. Default value is 'buffer'.
        pdfFilePassword: 'pa$$word', // Password for encrypted PDF.
        pagesToProcess: [1, 3, 11],   // Subset of pages to convert (first page = 1), other pages will be skipped if specified.
        strictPagesToProcess: false // When `true`, will throw an error if specified page number in pagesToProcess is invalid, otherwise will skip invalid page. Default value is false.
        verbosityLevel: 0 // Verbosity level. ERRORS: 0, WARNINGS: 1, INFOS: 5. Default value is 0.


    name: string; // PNG page name in a format `{pdfFileName}_page_{pdfPageNumber}.png`,
    content: Buffer; // PNG page Buffer content
    path: string; // Path to the rendered PNG page file (empty string and if outputFilesFolder is not provided)

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