Friendly package dependency resolver for mono-apps (and mono-repos)

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🐼 Pendo npm version
Friendly package dependency resolver for mono-apps (and mono-repos).

  • Easily manage dependencies for sub-apps within a mono-app
  • Hooks into npm via postinstall
  • Automatically resolves and installs dependencies within sub-apps

🔧 Installation

npm install --save-dev pendo

🕹 Usage


Create a pendo.json file in the root of your project.
  |- src/
  |- package.json
  \- pendo.json

Within in, define the sub-packages/sub-apps under subDirectories:
  "subDirectories": [

Add npm script

Within your main package.json, add a script to fire up Pendo (we recommend adding it to your postinstall)
"scripts": {
  "postinstall": "pendo"

That's it! ✨
When you run the npm command that fires Pendo (or if npm install autoruns it for you), Pendo will look into your defined sub-directories, resolve your dependcies, and install them for you.

📦 Dependencies

Pendo only resolves the items found under dependencies in your main package.json (it ignores devDependencies).
Pendo prioritizes dependencies (and their versions) defined in your main package.json
By default Pendo will override all dependencies specified in your sub-app. To keep your sub-app dependencies, add this option in your pendo.json.
  "subDirectories": [
  "keepSubDependencies": true