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Streaming Performance Monitor metrics for Node on Windows.
It's just a wrapper around typeperf, and provides a Node ReadableStream interface. Metrics are streamed once per second. perfmon wraps up the typeperf executable as a childprocess. It ensures that no more than one process will be spawned for each host machine streaming metrics.
Node, Windows, and the typeperf executable in your path. I've never seen a Windows installation that didn't have it, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Windows For Workgroups 3.11 had it. For realz.
Only the machine running Node needs Node. Makes perfect sense. Streaming metrics from remote machines only requires that they are running Windows.
npm install perfmon
and then require it
var perfmon = require('perfmon');
The most basic usage is to stream a single metric from the local machine. The perfmon function returns an instance of a ReadableStream. You can either pass a callback as the last argument to perfmon, or attach to the data and error events on the returned Stream.
The first two arguments to perfmon, counters and hosts, can be strings or arrays. hosts is optional and assumed to be local machine if not specified.
perfmon('\\processor(_total)\\% processor time', function(err, data) {

List available metric counters

Use list to return a, um, list of available counters.
perfmon.list('memory', function(err, data) {

Stream remote host metrics

You can connect to any machine on your network (assuming you have appropriate permissions, more on that in the future), and stream metrics from that machine.
var counters = [
	'\\processor(_total)\\% processor time',
	'\\memory\\available bytes',

perfmon(counters, 'somecomputer.somewhere.local', function(err, data) {