Transport pino logs to LogDNA

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Transport pino logs to LogDNA

- Install - Usage
- [Pino v7+ Transport](#pino-v7-transport)
  - [Options](#options)
- [Legacy Transport](#legacy-transport)
  - [CLI Options](#cli-options)
- Contributing
- [Commit Format](#commit-format)
- Contributors ✨ - License


npm install --save pino-logdna


Pino v7+ Transport

This module can be used as a pino transport:
const pino = require('pino')
const transport = pino.transport({
  target: 'pino-logdna',
  options: {
    key // your LogDNA ingestion key

const log = pino(transport)

// Logs will now go to LogDNA'Happy Logging!')


This transport uses @logdna/logger under the hood, and most options are exposed through pino-logdna.
For a full list, please see the createLogger options.
An additional option is supported by pino-logdna:
  • emptyMessage <String> - When logging an object without a message,
e.g.{ some: 'data' }), the value of this option will be used for the outgoing message. Default: '<data log>'.

Legacy Transport

Usage as a legacy transport is still supported. The minimal configuration requires only your LogDNA ingestion key:
npm install -g pino-logdna
node ./app.js | pino-logdna --key="YOUR INGESTION KEY"

CLI Options can be supplied to the command:
node ./app.js | pino-logdna --key "YOUR INGESTION KEY" --env staging --tag foo --tag bar

CLI Options

Options for the CLI are the kebab-case equivalent of the @logdna/logger options:
  -v, --version                   Show version
  -h, --help                      Show usage information
  -m, --message-key [msg]         The field in the `pino` used as the display line in LogDNA
  -e, --empty-message [msg]       String value to use when no "message" property if found

@logdna/logger Options:
      --key                       *REQUIRED* Your ingestion key
  -t, --tag                       Tag to be added to each message; can be supplied multiple times
  -T, --timeout [30000]           Millisecond timeout for each HTTP request
      --app [default]             Arbitrary app name for labeling each message
  -E, --env                       An environment label attached to each message
  -H, --hostname                  Hostname for each HTTP request
      --mac                       MAC address for each HTTP request
      --ip                        IPv4 or IPv6 address for each HTTP request
      --url                       URL of the logging server
      --flush-limit [5000000]     Maximum total line lengths before a flush is forced
      --flush-interval-ms [250]   Mseconds to wait before sending the buffer
      --base-backoff-ms [3000]    Minimum exponential backoff time in milliseconds
      --max-backoff-ms [30000]    Maximum exponential backoff time in milliseconds
      --index-meta [false]        Controls whether meta data for each message is searchable
  -p, --proxy                     The full URL of an http or https proxy to pass through


This project is open-sourced, and accepts PRs from the public for bugs or feature enhancements. Please see for more information.

Commit Format

The project uses Commitlint and enforces Conventional Commit Standard. Please format your commits based on these guidelines.
An issue must be opened in the repository for any bug, feature, or anything else that will have a PR.
The commit message must reference the issue with an acceptable action tag in the commit footer, e.g. Fixes: #5.

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):
<td align="center"><a href=""><img src="" width="100px;" alt=""/><br /><sub><b>Maciej Ziehlke</b></sub></a><br /><a href="#original-digitalmio" title="Original author/maintainer">⭐</a></td>
<td align="center"><a href=""><img src="" width="100px;" alt=""/><br /><sub><b>Mike Del Tito</b></sub></a><br /><a href="" title="Code">💻</a> <a href="" title="Documentation">📖</a> <a href="#example-mdeltito" title="Examples">💡</a> <a href="#tool-mdeltito" title="Tools">🔧</a></td>
<td align="center"><a href=""><img src="" width="100px;" alt=""/><br /><sub><b>James Sumners</b></sub></a><br /><a href="" title="Code">💻</a> <a href="" title="Documentation">📖</a></td>

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


Copyright © LogDNA, released under an MIT license. See the LICENSE file and
Happy Logging!