a pretifier for pino logger json-output based on pino-pretty.

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A terminal pino json-stream beautifier, based on pino-pretty
Given that your svr.js uses pino and emits json-stream to stdout, then:
node svr.js | pino-prettier



npm i -g 'pino-prettier'
After which, your machine has learnt a new command, pino-prettier to which you may pipe the stdoutput of your pino logger program.

local to project

npm i 'pino-prettier'

After which you may use it in your package.json scripts.
"scripts": {
  "run": "node svr.js",
  "run:pretty": "node svr.js | pino-prettier",

what's the difference from pino-pretty ?

- meta objects are formatted using util.inspect which uses colors instead of the noisyjson.stringify - timestamp is "humanized" as just HH:MM:ss.l - the log channel is part of the formatted main line, and colorized with a unique color per channel. - level field appears first, to make its color distinctive against the indent black, and less confusing with the colorized channels. - fields are optimized for developer machine (filter out host, pid, version, etc)


This first version is customizable as far as CLI arguments supported by pino-pretty: it works by hacking the --config parameter, and injecting it's own config file, and does some hacky stuff on the way.
However, every customization that is supported by CLI arguments are stronger than the baked-in config file shipped with this package.
Have fun :)


  • 2.0.3 - cli command changed from prettier to pino-prettier so it wont collide with the prettier lint tool.
  • 1.0.1 - first stable, however works only as CLI
  • 1.0.0 - was depricated for a bug, and unpublished after a cooldown period.