Private npm registry access for BB Pipelines builds

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Private modules in Bitbucket Pipelines
Automates some of the steps described in the Bitbucket Pipelines docswithBitbucketPipelines-Downloadandpublishmodulestoaprivateregistry) to work with modules from a private NPM registry.


First, configure the following environment variable in Bitbucket Pipelines:
  • NPM_TOKEN: This is the authentication token to your registry. You can find it in your local ~/.npmrc, after you login to your registry.

Your bitbucket-pipelines.yml script can then use pipelines-private-npm to configure the build container:
image: node:carbon-slim

    - step:
          - npm i -g pipelines-private-npm
          - build-setup
          - npm install
          - ...

Configuration parameters

The build-setup script accepts parameters to configure the registry, NPM organization and alias for the registry:
  • -r <registry>: Configure the registry, e.g. build-setup -r https://npm-private.example.com.
  • -o <org>: Configure the NPM organization for packages like @example/my-package. Example: build-setup -r https://npm-private.example.com -o example.
  • -a <alias>: Configure an alias hostname for the registry specified with -r. This is useful for entries in yarn.lock that point to a specific registry host, but should be resolved against another host, e.g. a proxy.
  • -d: Perform a dry run without modifying any files.


Configure the https://npm-private.example.com registry with the NPM_TOKEN from the build environment for packages like @example/my-package. Ensure that requests for https://npm-private.example.com actually go to https://npm-private-proxy.example.com.
build-setup -r https://npm-private.example.com -o example -a npm-private-proxy.example.com