render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal with eventlimit maxed

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Control multiple ANSI progress bars on the terminal.
multibar example output
````javascript var multimeter = require('multimeter'); var multi = multimeter(process);
multi.drop(function (bar) {
var iv = setInterval(function () {
    var p = bar.percent();
    bar.percent(p + 1);
    if (p >= 100) clearInterval(iv);
}, 25);
}); ````
var multimeter = require('multimeter');

var multi = multimeter(stream, ...)

Create a new multimeter handle on the supplied stream/process objects, which will be passed directly to charm.
If you pass in a charm object that will be used instead of creating a new one.

var bar = multi(x, y, params)

Create a new progress bar at (x,y) with params which default to:
  • width : 10
  • before : ''
  • after : ' '
  • solid : { background : 'blue', foreground : 'white', text : '|' }
  • empty : { background : null, foreground : null, text : ' ' }

If y is negative or '-0' it will be treated as a relative coordinate.

var bar = multi.rel(x, y, params)

Create a new progress bar at an absolute x and relative y coordinate with respect to the present multi.offset.

multi.drop(params, cb)

Create a new progress bar at the present cursor location. The bar object will be passed to cb(bar) once the cursor location has been determined.

multi.on(...), multi.removeListener(...), multi.destroy(...), multi.write(...)

Call event emitter functions on the underlying charm object.


This getter/setter controls the positioning for relative progress bars.
Increment this value whenever you write a newline to the stream to prevent the pending progress bars from drifting down from their original positions.

bar.percent(p, msg=p + ' %')

Update the progress bar to p percent, a value between 0 and 100, inclusive.
The text to the right of the progress bar will be set to msg.

bar.ratio(n, d, msg=n + ' / ' + d)

Update the progress bar with a ratio, n/d.
The text to the right of the progress bar will be set to msg.


The charm object used internally to draw the progress bars.
With npm do:
npm install multimeter