This program transforms the data from the Pokemon GO master files to a better readable & processable JSON file.

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This program transforms the data from the Pokemon GO master files to a better readable & processable JSON file.


As a developer it can be in certain situation quite annoying depend on the raw GAME MASTER files. Not only are some informations quite hidden and must be parsed, the structure of the GAME MASTER files can change after every version. pokemongo-json-pokedex parses the GAME MASTER data and tries to maintain the same structure, even when the structure of the source files changed completely.

Getting Started

With NPM

You can install it with npm install pokemongo-json-pokedex. Make sure you have a least Node 8.x.x running on your machine.
const pokemon = require('pokemongo-json-pokedex/output/pokemon.json');
const move = require('pokemongo-json-pokedex/output/move.json');
const type = require('pokemongo-json-pokedex/output/type.json');
const avatarCustomization = require('pokemongo-json-pokedex/output/avatar-customization.json');
const items = require('pokemongo-json-pokedex/output/item.json');

With Docker

Get the latest data with Docker into the output folder in your current directory.
docker run -v "$(pwd)/output:/var/lib/pokemongo-json-pokedex/output" brunnerlivio/pokemongo-json-pokedex:latest

From Source

You can get the latest version by executing the following command in your shell.
git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/pokemongo-dev-contrib/pokemongo-json-pokedex.git

# Go to the assets
cd pokemongo-json-pokedex/output
# ➜ avatar-customization.json  item.json  locales  move.json  pokemon.json  type.json


The translation files follow the i18next Guidelines. The translation files can be found in the output/locales folder. You can find an example with NodeJS and the i18next client library in the samples folder

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