Static analysis for Web Components

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Polymer Analyzer
A static analysis framework for Web Components.


npm install polymer-analyzer


const {Analyzer, FsUrlLoader, PackageUrlResolver} = require('polymer-analyzer');

const rootDir = process.cwd();
const analyzer = new Analyzer({
  urlLoader: new FsUrlLoader(rootDir),
  urlResolver: new PackageUrlResolver({ packageDir: rootDir }),

// This path is relative to the root dir
analyzer.analyze(['my-element.html']).then((analysis) => {
  // Print the name of every property on paper-button, and where it was
  // inherited from.
  const [paperButton] = analysis.getFeatures(
      {kind: 'element', id: 'paper-button', externalPackages: true});
  if (paperButton) {
    for (const [name, property] of paperButton.properties) {
      let message = `${name}`;
      if (property.inheritedFrom) {
        message += ` inherited from ${property.inheritedFrom}`;
      } else {
        message += ` was defined directly on paper-button`;
  } else {
    console.log(`my-element.html didn't define or import paper-button.`);

What's it used for?


Polymer Analyzer is supported on Node LTS and stable. It is written in TypeScript. All development dependencies are installed via npm.
npm install
npm test

Or watch the source for changes, and run tests each time a file is modified:
npm run test:watch

Looking for Hydrolysis?

Hydrolysis has been renamed to Polymer Analyzer for version 2. You can find the hydrolysis source on the hydrolysis-1.x branch.