A no-fuss converter for state name <--> postal abbreviation.

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Postal Abbreviations
A no-fuss US postal abbreviations module, for converting an abbreviation to a state name or vice versa.
Matching is case-insensitive and does some fuzzy matching for names that might be abbreviated like N. Dakota.
var postal = require("postal-abbreviations");

console.log(postal("North Dakota")); // returns "ND"
console.log(postal("N Dakota")); // returns "ND"
console.log(postal("ND")); // returns "North Dakota"


Install via npm:
npm install postal-abbreviations


Require the module:
var postal = require("postal-abbreviations");

Then call the function:
postal("OR"); //Oregon
postal("Puerto Rico"); //PR
postal("UT"); //Utah
postal("District of Columbia"); //DC
postal("Washington, D.C."); //DC
postal("Narnia"); //null

It will automatically detect which way you're converting, but you can force it with .toName() or .toAbbreviation():
postal.toName("OR"); //Oregon
postal.toAbbreviation("OR"); //null, OR isn't a state name

postal.toAbbreviation("Washington"); //WA
postal.toName("Washington"); //null, Washington isn't an abbreviation

postal(state name or postal abbreviation)

If you pass a state name (postal("California")), it will return the two-letter postal abbreviation ("CA"). If you pass a two-letter postal abbreviation (postal("NV")), it will return the state name, with proper capitalization ("Nevada").
If no match is found, it will return null.

postal.toAbbreviation(state name)

Returns the postal abbreviation that matches the state name.
If no match is found, it will return null.

postal.toName(postal abbreviation)

Returns the state name that matches the two-letter postal abbreviation.
If no match is found, it will return null.


Includes every state and US possession on this US Postal Service list.