Resolution independence conversion plugin for PostCSS

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A PostCSS plugin that implements a resolution-independent scalable mechanism.


.myclass {
	width: 32px;
	height: 48px;
	border: 2apx;
Output with default options:
.myclass {
	width: 1.5rem;
	height: 2rem;
	border: 2px;


npm install postcss-resolution-independence


The plugin has no default options. Everything is disabled by default.
  • baseSize Number: The root font-size we wish to use to base all of our conversions upon (default 24).
  • riUnit String: The unit of measurement we wish to use for resolution-independent units (default "rem").
  • unit String: The unit of measurement we wish to convert to resolution-independent units (default "px").
  • absoluteUnit String: The unit of measurement to ignore for resolution-independence conversion, and instead should be 1:1 converted to our unit unit (default "apx").
  • minUnitSize Number: The minimum unit size (as an absolute value) that any measurement should be valued at the lowest device resolution we wish to support. This allows for meaningful measurements that are not unnecessarily scaled down excessively (default 1).
  • minSize Number: The root font-size corresponding to the lowest device resolution we wish to support. This is utilized in conjunction with the minUnitSize property (default 16).
  • precision Number: How precise our measurements will be, namely the maximum amount of fractional digits that will appear in our converted measurements (default 5).


This plugin can be used like any other PostCSS plugin, by PostCSS CLI, third party tool (like Webpack postcss-loader or Gulp), or directly via javascript APIs. For example:
const postcss = require('postcss');
const riPlugin = require('postcss-resolution-independence');

postcss([riPlugin({baseSize: 16})]).process(source).then(function (result) {
	// do something

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