PostCSS plugin to insert 3D hack before will-change property

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PostCSS Will Change
title="Philosopher’s stone, logo of PostCSS" src="">PostCSS plugin to insert 3D hack before will-change property.
This plugin uses backface-visibility to force the browser to create a new layer, without overriding existing backface-visibility properties. This 3D CSS hack is commonly done with transform: translateZ(0), but backface-visibility is used here to avoid overriding the more popular transform property.
These hacks are required for browsers that do not support will-change.
Use this plugin only before Autoprefixer. It will add vendor prefixes to backface-visibility.
.foo {
  will-change: transform;

.foo {
  backface-visibility: hidden;
  will-change: transform;

alt="Sponsored by Evil Martians" width="236" height="54">


Step 1: Install plugin:
npm install --save-dev postcss postcss-will-change

Step 2: Check you project for existed PostCSS config: postcss.config.js in the project root, "postcss" section in package.json or postcss in bundle config.
If you do not use PostCSS, add it according to official docs and set this plugin in settings.
Step 3: Add the plugin to plugins list:
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
+   require('postcss-will-change'),