Checks files for changes, then asks to run a command if different.

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Preflight Check
Checks if files (like package.json) have changed since last run, and if so it asks if you want to runs a command (like installing dependencies).
npm install preflight-check --save


Create a file called .preflight-checkrc containing the below content or pass in command line arguments as outlined in rc.
  "sets": [
      "file": "package.json",
      "cmd": "npm install",
      "title": "Node dependencies"
    }, {
      "file": "path/to/theme/bower.json",
      "cmd": [
        "cd path/to/theme/",
        "bower install"
      "title": "Front end libraries"
    }, {
      "file": "path/to/theme/scss/**/*.scss",
      "cmd": "gulp css",
      "title": "Sass Compiling"

For each item in the sets, this will check (via checksum) to see if the file has changed since last run. If it has, then it will show updates needed and ask if you want to execute the cmd for that set. You can use a string or an array of strings for the cmd, if it's an array, then it will join each of them together with && . If title is present (optional), then it will show that when it asks if you want to run the cmd.
To ensure this is ran, before starting, placing it as a prestart hook in package.json could work well:
  "scripts": {
    "prestart": "preflight-check",
    "start": "gulp"
This uses the debug module; simply run this to see extra debugging info:
DEBUG=preflight-check ./node_modules/.bin/preflight-check