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Format your styles with ease!

code > prettier > stylelint > formatted code
prettier-stylelint attempts to create a prettier config based on the stylelint config, then format with prettier followed by stylelint --fix. So after that you should end up with formatted code with no linting errors.


yarn add prettier-stylelint -D
npm install prettier-stylelint --save-dev


This package has a stylelint config to disable some rules that conflict with prettier.
"stylelint": {
    "extends": [
    "rules": {
        "indentation": 4,
        "string-quotes": "single"

After adding the disabling config you can just prettier-stylelint --write and its done. Check the CLI options below for more information.
Also in a near future we should have support for prettier-stylelint in prettier-vscode follow this PR.


const format = require('prettier-eslint')
const sourceCode = 'a[id="foo"] { content: "x"; }'
const options = {
  text: sourceCode
const formatted = format(options)

// formatted 
a[id='foo'] {
    content: 'x';

### CLI Options

The cli automatically ignores `.gitignore` and `.prettierignore`.

>**NOTE:** It is recommended that you keep your files under source control and committed
> before running `prettier-stylelint --write` as it will overwrite your files!
Usage $ prettier-stylelint ...
Options --ignore Additional paths to ignore Can be set multiple times --extension Additional extension to lint Can be set multiple times --cwd= Working directory for files --stdin Validate/fix code from stdin ('prettier-stylelint -' also works) --write Edit files in place (DRAGONS AHEAD !!) --quiet -q Only log stderr
Examples $ prettier-stylelint $ prettier-stylelint index.js $ prettier-stylelint .js !foo.js $ echo 'aid="foo" { content: "x"; }' | prettier-stylelint --stdin
Default pattern when no arguments: /.{css,scss,less,sss} ```



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