Prints the HTML of a provided element.

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Print HTML Element
Prints the HTML of a provided element.
Originally forked from jQuery.printElement to remove jQuery dependency.
This fork removes some features while adding others (IE8 support is also removed for now). More features will be added as needed or requested. PR's welcome.
View examples here


Print HTML Element is available on both NPM and Bower.
npm install print-html-element
bower install print-html-element



In a CommonJS module system via Browserify or Webpack
var PHE = require("print-html-element");

Good old-fashioned way
<script type="text/javascript" src="print-html-element.js"></script>
// Alias global variable printHtmlElement for purposes of example
var PHE = printHtmlElement;


View examples here
PHE.printElement( document.getElementById('toPrint') );
PHE.printHtml('<h1>Let\'s print this h1</h1>');

PHE.printHtml('<h1>Let\'s print this h1</h1>', {templateString: '<header>I\'m part of the template header</header>{{printBody}}<footer>I\'m part of the template footer</footer>'});

An HTML class pe-body is also added to the body of the print area which can be used as an additional style hook (on top of the regular print media query/stylesheet)

Options and methods supported

opts = {
    printMode: string;
    pageTitle: string;
    templateString: string;
    popupProperties: string;
    stylesheets: string | string[];
    styles: string | string[];

PHE.printElement( elem, opts ); // Prints a DOM Element
PHE.printHtml( str, opts ); // Prints an HTML string

  • printMode determines which method is used to print. As a hidden iframe (default), or popup window
  • pageTitle sets the printed page title (defaults to blank)
  • templateString allows you to define a template that the html will be printed within.
- Use `{{printBody}}` within the template to signify where the HTML should be injected
  • popupProperties set the window features (such as menubar, scrollbars, etc. in popup mode
  • stylesheets overrides parsed link tags and instead injects link tags with hrefs specified as either a single string or array of strings
  • styles overrides parsed style tags and instead injects style blocks specified as either a single string or array of strings

Possible future features

  • Integrate a template system (such as handlebars)
  • Support multiple and/or custom template variables
  • Support for multiple elements/HTML strings
  • Promise/callback support


print-html-element is MIT licensed