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Prometheus Client
WIP Prometheus instrumentation metrics library for Node.JS. Metrics are intended to be scraped by a Prometheus server.


Getting Started

Install the prometheus-client package with NPM:
npm install prometheus-client
Then require the package and set up a new client instance:
Prometheus = require("prometheus-client")

client = new Prometheus()
The client library can create an HTTP app to serve up your metrics, or you can point to the output function from your own app router.
To use the built-in server:
Then use curl to see a text representation of your metrics.
To use the metrics output function in your own express app, you might do:
app = express()
By default, the Prometheus client will use a global namespace. That means that any metrics registered inside your app (even by libraries) will show up in your client without any need to pass around a client object.
See examples/ for a full example of registering and using metrics in coffeescript and examples/counterAndGauge.js to see the same example written in Javascript.