Export from a prosemirror document to Microsoft word

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Export a prosemirror document to a Microsoft Word file, using docx.


prosemirror-docx has a similar structure to prosemirror-markdown, with a DocxSerializerState object that you write to as you walk the document. It is a light wrapper around, which actually does the export. Currently prosemirror-docx is write only (i.e. can export to, but can’t read from *.docx), and has most of the basic nodes covered (see below).
Curvenote uses this to export from @curvenote/editor to word docs, but this library currently only has dependence on docx, prosemirror-model and buffer-image-size - and similar to prosemirror-markdown, the serialization schema can be edited externally (see Extended usage below).

Basic usage

import { defaultDocxSerializer, writeDocx } from 'prosemirror-docx';
import { EditorState } from 'prosemirror-state';
import { writeFileSync } from 'fs'; // Or some other way to write a file

// Set up your prosemirror state/document as you normally do
const state = EditorState.create({ schema: mySchema });

// If there are images, we will need to preload the buffers
const opts = {
  getImageBuffer(src: string) {
    return anImageBuffer;

// Create a doc in memory, and then write it to disk
const wordDocument = defaultDocxSerializer.serialize(state.doc, opts);

await writeDocx(wordDocument, (buffer) => {
  writeFileSync('HelloWorld.docx', buffer);

Extended usage

Instead of using the defaultDocxSerializer you can override or provide cusome serializers.
import { DocxSerializer, defaultNodes, defaultMarks } from 'prosemirror-docx';

const nodeSerializer = {
  my_paragraph(state, node) {

export const myDocxSerializer = new DocxSerializer(nodeSerializer, defaultMarks);

The state is the DocxSerializerState and has helper methods to interact with docx.

Supported Nodes

  • text
  • paragraph
  • heading (levels)
- TODO: Support numbering of headings
  • blockquote
  • codeblock
- TODO: No styles supported
  • horizontalrule
  • hardbreak
  • orderedlist
  • unorderedlist
  • listitem
  • image
  • math
  • equations (numbered & unnumbered)
  • tables

  • Internal References (e.g. see Table 1)

Supported Marks

  • em
  • strong
  • link
- Note: this is actually treated as a node in docx, so ignored as a prosemirror mark, but supported.
  • code
  • subscript
  • superscript
  • strikethrough
  • underline
  • smallcaps
  • allcaps