whitespace css component for Pivotal UI based on Bootstrap

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A CSS whitespace component that can be installed via this npm package. This package provides all of the CSS you need to use the component.


To install the package from the command line:
npm install pui-css-whitespace


Letter | Description -------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------ p, m | padding, margin a, t, r, b, l, h, v | all, top, right, bottom, left, horizontal, vertical n, s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl, xxxxl | none(0px), small(5px), medium(7px), large(10px), extra large(20px), extra extra large (40px), extra extra extra large (120px), extra extra extra extra large (140px)
A CSS class is constructed by choosing one of the letters from each row. For example:
<p>A normal paragraph</p>
<p class="pal">A paragraph with large padding</p>

You can find more examples of the whitespace component in the pui style guide

This is a component of Pivotal UI, a collection of React
and CSS components for rapidly building and prototyping UIs.
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