Add a goodbye handshake to a duplex pull-stream.

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Add a goodbye handshake to a duplex pull-stream.
In a uniplex stream, the end event signifies the end of the stream. But a duplex stream, it's a little more complicated - there are two paired streams that may end independently. node's net module has an allowHalfOpen mode, but support for this method is patchy - more often, by default duplex streams are like a telephone - when one side hangs up, both streams are terminated. Humans deal with this problem by moving stream termination into the "application" layer - it's polite to say "goodbye", and to wait to receive "goodbye" before call termination.


given another duplex stream, wrap it with pull-goodbye. goodbye(stream, goodbye_message) takes a duplex stream and a message, (by default, the string "GOODBYE", this must be encodable whatever codec the stream uses. The codec should probably be applied outside of pull-goodbye
var goodbye = require('pull-goodbye')
var serializer = require('pull-serializer')

//a duplex stream from somewhere...
var duplex = whatever.createStream()

return serializer(goodbye(duplex, 'GoodBye'))