Flexible slideout menu for mobile webapps

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Flexible slideout menu for mobile webapps
const panel = document.querySelector('#panel');
const toggle = document.querySelectorAll('#toggle');
const menu = document.querySelector('#menu');

const pullin = Pulling.create({

toggle.addEventListener('click', () => pullin.toggle());


Pulling is available on npm.
- npm install pulling - yarn add pulling


  • Flicking gesture support
  • Supports multiple slideout menus
  • Standalone, dependency-free
  • Simple markup
  • Native scrolling
  • Easy customization
  • CSS transforms & transitions
  • Two different display modes
  • Just 10 Kb!


You just need a panel for your main content and a menu element:
<nav id="menu">

<main id="panel">

Styling is simple, too. The library handles most things for you, so just add a background on your panel and menu, and add a min-height on the panel if you're using the reveal mode.
Then include Pulling and set up the menu.
const panel = document.querySelector('#panel');
const menu = document.querySelector('#menu');

const pullin = Pulling.create({

See test.html for a full example.

Browser Support

  • Chrome (IOS, Android, desktop)
  • Firefox (Android, desktop)
  • Safari (IOS, Android, desktop)
  • Opera (desktop)
  • IE 10+ (desktop and mobile)


Creates a new Pulling instance


  • menu - Element

DOM element of menu
  • panel - Element

DOM element of panel
  • side - "left" | "right" (default: left)

side menu should display on
  • mode - "drawer" | "reveal" (default: drawer)

whether the menu slide over the panel (drawer) or the panel should slide to reveal the menu (reveal)
  • margin - number (default: 25)

the number of pixels from the edge of the viewport in which a touch event will be accepted
  • timing - number (default: 200)

milliseconds of the transition animation for opening and closing, in the case where it isn't pulled out manually
  • timingFunction - string (default: ease)

CSS3 transition timing function
  • width - number (default: 256)

width of menu in pixels
  • sensitivity - number (default: 0.25)

the speed needed to activate a flick
  • slope - number (default: 0.5)

maximum ratio of vertical touch movement to horizontal touch movement that should be accepted
  • touch - boolean (default: true)

Enable touch functionality
  • ignoreScrollables - boolean (default: true)

Ignore horizontally scrollable elements

Instance Methods

All methods are chainable


Opens the menu. Emits beforeopen and opened events.


Closes the menu. Emits beforeclose and closed events.

#toggle(condition?: boolean)

Toggles the state of the menu (closed -> open, open -> closed).
+ If condition === true, it opens the menu + If condition === false, it closes the menu

#on(eventName: string, handler: Function)

Add an event handler for the event

#off(eventName: string, handler?: Function)

Remove an event handler for the event, or remove all handlers for the event

#ignore(selector: string)

Ignore touch events from a specific selector

#unignore(selector: string)

Remove selector from ignore list. Will not override ignored selectors.


Disable all functionality of the menu


Enable the menu's functionality


Disable touch event functionality for this menu


Enable touch event functionality for this menu


  • beforeclose
Emitted before close begins, including when dragging closed with touch
  • closed
Emitted after close completes
  • beforeopen
Emitted before open begins, including when dragging open with touch
  • opened
Emitted after open completes
  • touchstart
Emitted when a touch movement begins
  • touchmove
Emitted on every movement due to touch
  • touchend
Emitted when a touch movement ends
You can use these to support multiple menus by disabling one when the other opens:
pullinLeft.on('beforeopen', () => pullinRight.disableTouch());
pullinLeft.on('closed', () => pullinRight.enableTouch());
pullinRight.on('beforeopen', () => pullinLeft.disableTouch());
pullinRight.on('closed', () => pullinLeft.enableTouch());


  • .state.closed - boolean
  • .state.closing - boolean
  • .state.open - boolean
  • .state.opening - boolean


How do I prevent it from opening when scrolling through a carousel?

You can either use .ignore(selector) to add the specific element selector to the ignore list, or you can do .ignore('[data-pullin-ignore]') to add that selector the the list and then just add the data-pullin-ignore attribute to every element you want ignored.

How do I add a toggle button?

// vanilla js
document.querySelector('.toggle-menu').addEventListener('click', () => pullin.toggle());

// jQuery
$('.toggle-menu').on('click', () => pullin.toggle());

How do I use two menus, one on each side?

You'll want to use events to keep one menu disabled while the other is open.
pullinLeft.on('beforeopen', () => {
pullinLeft.on('closed', () => pullinRight.enableTouch());
pullinRight.on('beforeopen', () => {
pullinRight.on('closed', () => pullinLeft.enableTouch());