Error/Warning reporting frontend for psc

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A pretty, flexible error/warning reporting frontend for the PureScript compiler (psc).
  • Colors!
  • Original source spans in errors
  • Fine-grained warning filtering
  • Warning persistence


npm install -g purescript-psa

Sample Usage

Censor all warnings:
psa --censor-warnings <psc-options>

Censor library warnings:
psa --censor-lib <psc-options>

Censor source warnings:
psa --censor-src <psc-options>

Censor specific warning codes:
psa --censor-codes=ShadowedName,ImplicitImport,MissingTypeDeclaration <psc-options>

Only show specific warning codes:
psa --filter-codes=DeprecatedOperatorDecl,DeprecatedClassExport <psc-options>

Turn source warnings into errors:
psa --strict <psc-options>

Note: It's assumed psc is in your path. If you'd like to use a custom binary location you can set the --psc=/foo/bar/psc flag.

Persisting Warnings

psc does not persist warnings between compilations, but psa can do it with the --stash flag. This serializes the set of warnings to disk and merges it with the new set on each compilation.
psa --stash <psc-options>

If you are compiling multiple projects from the same root, you can specify which stash file should be used:
psa --stash=.foo-stash <psc-options>

Usage with pulp

Pulp supports building with psa: it will be used by default if it is installed, and options will be passed through, eg:
pulp build -- --stash --censor-lib <psc-options>