A SIMPLE qr-code scanner, that works and is simple to use. It will open the camera and wait for a match.

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This is a SIMPLE qr-code-scanner that will allow you to open the user's camera, scan it and match a pattern or read the string out of the QR Code.
It is highly customizable for you to use it within your page's styles.

How it works

User will click a button, you will trigger the initiate method and a modal will open requesting permission to use the camera (only the first time).
The user will see the camera's output.
When a QRCode is found, it will trigger your onResult method and close the modal.
You can customize the modal and its layer.
You can use a regex to match only what you expect, ensuring the result will not be garbage.

How to use it:

You can require it, or use it as global:
require(['qr-code-scanner'], function (QRScanner) {...})
// OR

  • The global QRScanner will only be created IF there is not require/define available in the page.


You will call the initiate method, sending the options, like so:
    match: /^[a-zA-Z0-9]{16,18}$/, // optional
    onResult: function (result) { console.info('DONE: ', result); },
    onError: function (err) { console.error('ERR :::: ', err); }, // optional
    onTimeout: function () { console.warn('TIMEOUT'); } // optional


In the options object, you can send:
  • onResult: A function to be triggered when a result is matched
  • onError: A function to be called in case of an error (or device not supported) optional
  • onTimeout: Your callback for the timeout event optional
  • match: A regular Expression matching what you expect to find in the QRCode (if found something but it does not match what you expected, it will not trigger the onResult) optional
  • timeout: A number in ms specifying for how long you will wait for a match. Default: 20000 optional
  • parent: The container where the video(from the camera) should be appended to. Default: document.body optional
  • lockLayerParent: The container on which the lock-layer will be appended. Default: document.body optional
  • className: A CSS class added to the video container. Default: QRScanner-container optional
  • lockLayerClassName: A CSS class added to the lockLayer container. Default: QRScanner-lock-layer optional

  • LockLayer is the darker layer behind the video.


import QRScanner from 'qr-code-scanner';

    onResult: (result) => { yourCustomCallback(result); },
    timeout: 10000,


This lib uses some ES6 features like let, const and arrow functions, but inherits the reader from Lazar Laszlo's port of ZXing Java library. This project "cleans" some things like global variables and hardcoded ids from the previous projects, fixing some legacy problems.