QR Code generator (png, svg, pdf, eps) with color and transparency support

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qr-image-color ======== npm version This is a fork of awesome alexeyten's qr-image generator. This fork adds support for custom colors and non-transparent backgrounds in SVG, EPS and PDF files, as well as custom colors and transparent backgrounds in PNG files. For complete description of qr-image please visit original repo. Overview --------
  • NEW in this fork: supports custom colors for code and background, as well as transparent/opaque backgrounds.
Releases Installing ----- ```shell npm install qr-image-color ``` Color Data Types ----- You can pass the color and background options in several ways: | Data Type | Color Model | |-----------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | string | RGB (as #rrggbb, with or without leading #; as #rgb, (short notation); or as CSS color name | | number | Gray in range 0.0…1.0 (0.0=black, 1.0=white) | | Array(3) of numbers | RGB (Components in range 0…255) | | Array(4) of numbers | CMYK (Components in range 0.0…1.0) | Color Model Support Overview ----- | | PDF | EPS | SVG | PNG | |--------------:|:----------------:|:----------------:|:-----------------:|:----------------:| | Gray | ✓ | ✓ | ⤑ Hex | ⤑ RGB1 | | RGB | ✓ | ✓ | ⤑ Hex | ✓ 1 | | CMYK | ✓ | ✓ | ⤑ Hex2 | ⤑ RGB2 | | Hex Color | ⤑ RGB | ⤑ RGB | ✓ | ⤑ RGB | 1 NOTE: Generated QR-codes are Indexed Color PNG files. See note about customize option below. 2 No attempt has been made to use calibrated conversion from CMYK to RGB, so if you use CMYK colors in SVG or PNG, do not expect prepress-quality conversion. If you need precise CMYK color control, use PDF or EPS files, since they have native CMYK support. Usage ----- Examples: ```javascript var qr = require('qr-image-color'); var qrsvg = qr.image('I love Default QR (with black/transparent)!', { type: 'svg' }); qrsvg.pipe(require('fs').createWriteStream('iloveqr.svg')); // use foreground color (CMYK) and no background; var pdfstring = qr.imageSync('I love Color QR!', { type: 'pdf', color: 0.7, 0, 0, 1 }); // use foreground color (RGB) and light gray (10% Black) background; var epsstring = qr.imageSync('I love Color QR!', { type: 'eps', color: 128, 0, 64, background: 0,0,0,0.1, transparent: false }); // png with purple color and transparent background; var pngstring = qr.imageSync('I love transparent QR in PNG!', { type: 'png', color: "purple", transparent: true }); ```

Example of transparent PNG with color "purple"

Screenshot More examples


qr.image(text, [ec_level | options]) — Readable stream with image data; qr.imageSync(text, [ec_level | options]) — string with image data. (Buffer for png); qr.svgObject(text, [ec_level | options]) — object with SVG path and size; qr.matrix(text, [ec_level]) — 2D array.


text — text to encode; ec_level — error correction level. One of L, M, Q, H. Default M. options — image options object:
* `ec_level` — default `M`.
* `type` — image type. Possible values `png` (default), `svg`, `pdf` and `eps`.
* `size` (png and svg only) — size of one module in pixels. Default `5` for png and `undefined` for svg.
* `margin` — white space around QR image in modules. Default `4` for `png` and `1` for others.
* `customize` (only png) — function to customize qr bitmap before encoding to PNG. **We are now using Index Color PNG instead of grayscale, so using this option will behave different**
* `parse_url` (experimental, default `false`) — try to optimize QR-code for URLs.
NEW options
* `transparent` (`boolean`) For `PNG`, default is `false`, for vector formats default is `true`. I choose these defaults to keep the behaviour as it was earlier, in case  `transparent` option is not explicitly set. If set to `true`, then `background` parameter is ignored. If set to `false`, and no `background` is specified, background defaults to white. 
* `color` color for code blocks. If omitted, default is pure black.
* `background` color for code background. If omitted, default is transparent.
TODO ---- Tests;