a module for integrating at-style mentions into quill.js

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:construction: quill-mentions
Under construction
An at-style mentions module for quilljs.

Get it.

You can get quill-mentions through npm
$ npm install quill-modules
Or you can just take the files from the dist folder. That works too.

Use it.

quill-mentions exposes a single global variable, QuillMentions.
To include mentions in your Quill project, simply add the stylesheet and all the Javascripts to your page.
Pass the global QuillMentions contsructor to Quill's registerModule function, and add mentions to your module config when you instantiate your editor(s).
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/quill-mentions.css">
  <script src="/path/to/quill.min.js"></script>
  <script src="/path/to/quill-mentions.min.js"></script>
    Quill.registerModule("mentions", QuillMentions);
    var editor = new Quill('#editor-container', {
      modules: {
        'mentions': { /* add your configuration here */ },



The docs are not as exhaustive as they should be, but they live (nonetheless) in the docs folder.
:warning: If you build the docs, be warned that your build will fail if the full path to your clone/fork of the repo includes any folders with an underscore. See the issue and fix here.

Style Dependencies...

Not Yet Written
v-3 goals
  • inject choices (as array)
  • parse contents
  • use @ to summon popover with possible choices matched to text
  • vertically align popover to position of calling @
v-2 goals
  • Customizable no-match-found messages TODO - figre out how to configure so there's no message. Was running into issues trying this out.
  • Keyboard events for up and down arrows Also for escape and enter!
  • Insert data with mention into markup (this might require deviating from custom quill format because custom formats are too nascent :confused:) Currently, the data-mention attribute from a matching li is appended to the class of a mention span. This is hacky, but it avoids having to manually insert HTML...
  • Horizontally align the popover
V-1 goals
  • Refactor with MVC
  • Break out defaultFactory (the main default object has toooo much :shit: on it.)
  • Horizontally align the popover
  • Refactor styles to not rely on dom elements
V-0 goals
  • More flexible templates, allow custom value accessor functions
  • Allow config to turn of quill custom format
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Determine horizontal rendering of mentions container.
  • Find alternative to current use of transform: translateZ on the popover list items...
  • Write more robust regex for parsing names (separate for work)
  • Hide view after insert
  • Add keyboard events for up and down arrows
  • Don't allow 'womp womp' message to be clicked
  • Render ql-mentions container in a more logical position