A task list module for the quill editor

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Task list for quill
Adds a task / todo list to the quill editor. Behaves as the built-in bullet list. Includes a toolbar item.
The list items are clickable. A click on an item toggles the item as checked.
Toolbar icon and task list


  1. Require or import the JavaScript and the SASS file in your interwebs page, after the main quill.js.
  2. Configure the module when instantiating quill

this.editor = new Quill('#editor', {
  modules: {
    'toolbar': [ 'task-list' ],
    'task-list': true


  • For now the click triggers a dummy update, because the css class toggle
doesn't trigger a change in quill. The proper way would be to change the state of the item by using a delta directly and maybe two kinds of list item classes (a normal TaskListItem and a CheckedTasklistItem or something. Fixing this would also fix the history. This may be easy for someone familiar with the internals of quill.


BSD 3-clause (the same one that Quill uses)