Random users generator - browser and node.js wrapper of randomuser.me/api/

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This is a module I've worked on and finished in an hour. It's substiantally a very simple browser and node.js wrapper for the api service made available by randomuser.me.



If you're developing an application that will run on a server just install this module from npm: npm install random-user

Browser (client-side js)

If you want to use this library in a client-side javascript project, you can:
  1. Simply include it: <script src="https://rawgit.com/giacomocerquone/random-user/master/dist/random-user.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  1. Require it in a JS file like you do on node and then use browserify to build the dependencies (useful if you're already doing this in your project in other modules)
Attention: If you're including this in an html page, randomUser is the only way you can call the method since normally you won't have requireJS. ```javascript var randomUser = require('random-user'); randomUser('simple') .then( (data) => console.log(data) ) .catch( (err) => console.log(err) ); // Response Object { firstName: 'charlotte', lastName: 'frazier', email: 'charlotte.frazier@example.com', username: 'purplemouse814', password: 'zelda' } randomUser() .then( (data) => console.log(data) ) .catch( (err) => console.log(err) ); // Response Object { gender: 'female', name: { title: 'mrs', first: 'elisabeth', last: 'schäfer' }, location:
{ street: '2629 schulstraße',
city: 'hamm',
state: 'rheinland-pfalz',
postcode: 97456 },
email: 'elisabeth.schäfer@example.com', login:
{ username: 'whitemouse954',
password: 'padres',
salt: 'SD1LQfVK',
md5: '437b4e6e1e3c555033350aaf7cbb18cf',
sha1: '589cda88860c7ed7308a59641597b1973b9446b8',
sha256: '9951dfd953cc9e5d0ee5f8a2a17fd1c1254d35dedb5eb40f198a56cacc8289a9' },
registered: 1228905903, dob: 737731613, phone: '0638-8905969', cell: '0176-3297406', id: { name: '', value: null }, picture:
{ large: 'https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/women/24.jpg',
medium: 'https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/med/women/24.jpg',
thumbnail: 'https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/thumb/women/24.jpg' },
nat: 'DE' } ``` Read this if you need to import it in your angular 2 project.

Previous Version

Actually there was a previous version of a module on npm with the same. I contacted the owner sotojuan
and he agreed very kindly to let me rewrite completely the code and publish it under the same module name, just bumping the version.