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Ranger cross language compiler
Status: experimental Ranger is a small self-hosting cross -language, cross -platform compiler to enable writing portable algorithms and applications. The language has type safety, classes, inheritance, operator overloading, lambda functions, generic traits, class extensions, type inference and can integrate with host system API's using system classes.

Host platforms and target languages

The compiler is self hosting which means that it has been written using the compiler itself and thus it can be hosted on several platforms. At the moment the official platform is node.js, because external plugins are only available as npm packages. The target languages supported are JavaScript, Java, Go, Swift, PHP, C++, C# and Scala. The quality of the target translation still varies and at the moment of this writing the compiler can only be compiled fully to JavaSript target. However, most targets already can compile reasonably good code.

Installing the compiler

To install the latest test version of the compiler using npm run ``` npm install -g ranger-compiler ``` Running ranger-compiler without arguments shows available command-line options: ``` Ranger compiler, version 2.1.33 Installed at: C:\dev\static\tools\ranger-compiler Usage: Options: -