Find and parse rc, rc.js, rc.yaml or etc if any one of them exists

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Find and parse rc, rc.js, rc.yaml or etc if any one of them exists. rc-parser searches the giving path(s), and parses out that if the runtime configuration file with the certain extension listed in options.extensions exists. If found, it parses and returns the config object.
rc-parser featured in:
  • Supports to define custom parser for a certain file type.
  • Better error messages and syntax hint.
  • Fully customizable.


$ npm i rc-parser


const parse = require('rc-parser')
const sync = require('rc-parser/sync')  // The synchronous version

const options = {
  path: __dirname,  // current directory
  name: '.travis'

const rc = await parse(options)

console.log(rc.extension)         // 'yml'
console.log(rc.value.language)    // 'node_js'

console.log(sync(options))  // the same as rc

Define your own parsers to support more file types

const ini = require('ini')

  path: '/path/to',
  name: 'somerc',
  extensions: ['ini', 'js'],
  parsers: {
    ini (content) {
      return ini.parse(content)
.then(({extension, value}) => {
  console.log(extension)   // 'ini'
  console.log(value)       // the parsed object from ini


parse(options): Promise<RCResult>

  • options
- path string | Array<string> the search path(s) for the rc file. - name string the prefix name of the rc file to search. - extensions Extensions | undefined - parsers Object{[Extension]: ParserFunction} - notfounderror NotFoundErrorFunction will be executed if no rc files are found. - codeframe CodeFrameFunction | false
Returns Promise<RCResult>
type Extension = string | parse.NO_EXT
type Extensions = Array<Extension>

options.extensions specifies the extension priority for searching rc files. Defaults to ['yaml', 'yml', 'js', parse.NO_EXT]
parse.NO_EXT is a special extension which indicates there is no extension after name
# Suppose: options.name === '.eslintrc'
#             filepath      |  extension
# ------------------------- | -----------------
          |-- .eslintrc        # rc-parser.NO_EXT
          |-- .eslintrc.js     # 'js'
          |-- .eslintrc.yaml   # 'yaml'

If options.extensions as ['yaml', 'js', NO_EXT], then we will get .eslintrc.yaml.
Similarly, ['js', 'yaml', NO_EXT] => .eslintrc.js
interface RCResult {
  extension: string;
  abspath: string;
  value: object;

  • extension the extension string of the found rc file, excluding .
  • value the parsed value
  • abspath the absolute path of the rc file.

function ParserFunction (object: {
  content: string,
  filepath: string,
  abspath: string,
  extension: string
}): object throws ParserError

  • content the content of the rc file
  • filepath the filepath relative to the current search path

Parses the content of rc files, returns the parsed object, or throws error if there is a parse error.
interface ParserError extends Error {
  line?: number;
  column?: number;

If the error (ParserError) thrown by ParserFunction contains both the line property and the column property, the error.message will be argumented by CodeFrameFunction
interface Location {
  line: number;
  column: number;

function CodeFrameFunction (
  rawLines: string,
  loc: Location
): string

function NotFoundErrorFunction (
  paths: Array<string>,
  extensions: Extensions
): Error

sync(options): RCResult

  • options the same as options of parse(options)

Built-in parsers


yaml, yml

Based on js-yaml


Based on json5