Extend the RC module with YAML parsing

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rc + YAML - INI = this module
This module cannibalizes the rc module and tries to parse a YAML "rc" file, in addition to JSON and INI formats.

Key Differences Between this and rc

  • Well, if the "rc" file is not JSON, we try YAML, then fall back to INI.
  • Since there's crossover between INI and YAML, we choose YAML if the YAML parser doesn't return a String value. So, if we end up with a String, we call it INI. The end.


var rc = require('rc-yaml');

var config = rc('name', {
  defaults: 'go here'

Custom parsers are still supported. See rc's README.md for full usage.
If you just want the parsing function for some reason, it's accessible via:
var parser = require('rc-yaml').parser;

A Note About Peer Dependencies

This module depends on the rc module, which means installing them both side-by-side is unnecessary. One or the other, people.
Using peerDependencies here may be more politically correct, but at a cost. Since rc is "for lazy people", when in Rome...

Author, Somewhat

Christopher Hiller