A simple and reusable add to calendar button component for React

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React Add to Calendar Button
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A simple, customizable, and reusable Add to Calendar button component for React (Demo)


The package can be installed via NPM:
npm install react-add-to-calendar --save

You’ll need to install React and Moment separately since they are not included in the package. Below is a simple example on how to use the Add to Calendar button in a React view.
import React from 'react';
import AddToCalendar from 'react-add-to-calendar';

class Example extends React.Component {
  static displayName = 'Example';
  state = {
    event: {
      title: 'Sample Event',
      description: 'This is the sample event provided as an example only',
      location: 'Portland, OR',
      startTime: '2016-09-16T20:15:00-04:00',
      endTime: '2016-09-16T21:45:00-04:00'

  render() {
    return <AddToCalendar event={this.state.event}/>;


The most basic use of the Add to Calendar button can be described with:
let event = {
    title: 'Sample Event',
    description: 'This is the sample event provided as an example only',
    location: 'Portland, OR',
    startTime: '2016-09-16T20:15:00-04:00',
    endTime: '2016-09-16T21:45:00-04:00'

<AddToCalendar event={event} />

See here for a full list of props that may be passed to the component. Examples are given on the main website.



I'll do my best to stay compatible with the latest version of React. I can't guarantee support for all older versions of React.
Latest compatible versions:
  • React 16.2.0 or newer

Browser Support

The Add to Calendar button is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE10+.
Unfortunately it is difficult to support legacy browsers while maintaining the ability to develop new features in the future. For IE9 support, it is known that the classlist polyfill is needed, but this may change or break at any point in the future.

Local Development

The master branch contains the latest version of the Add to Calendar component. To start your example app, you can run npm start. This starts a simple webserver on http://localhost:8080.
You can run npm test to execute the test suite and linters. To help you develop the component I’ve set up some tests that covers the basic functionality (can be found in /tests). I highly recommend you add tests when you’re adding new functionality.

The examples

The examples are hosted within the docs folder and are ran in the simple add that loads the Add to Calendar button. To extend the examples with a new example, you can simply duplicate one of the existing examples and change the unique properties of your example.


Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Jason Salzman. Licensed under MIT license, see LICENSE for the full license.