Higly customisable React toast notifications with automanaged queue

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React Awesome Toasts
Easily customizable React notification system that manages its queue for you.
  • 🎙 Screen reader accessibility
  • 📱 Responsive
  • 📘 Typescript support
  • 📦 React is the only dependency
  • 🎉 5kb gzipped

Get started

Install the package:
yarn add react-awesome-toasts
// or
npm install react-awesome-toasts 

Wrap your app with ToastProvider:
import { ToastProvider } from 'react-awesome-toasts';

const App = () => {
    return (
            App content

Add toast methods to your component with one of the following methods:
With High Order Component:
import { withToast } from 'react-awesome-toasts';

const ToastButton = ({ toast }) => {
    const toastProps = {
        text: 'Message sent',
        actionText: 'Undo',
        ariaLabel: 'Message sent, click to undo',
        onActionClick: toast.hide,
    return <Button onClick={() =>}>Show toast</Button>;

export default withToast(ToastButton);

With ToastConsumer:
import { ToastConsumer } from 'react-awesome-toasts';

const toastProps = {
    text: 'Message sent',
    actionText: 'Undo',
    ariaLabel: 'Message sent, click to undo',

        ({ show, hide }) => (
            <Button onClick={() => show({ ...toastProps, onActionClick: hide )}>
                Show toast

Provided methods

hide() - hides currently active toast.
show(props) - shows a toast and passes all props to the presentational component

Presentational Toast component

By default ToastProvider uses Toast component provided by the library. Toast component is responsible for the accessibility and responsiveness of notifications. Keep in mind, that if your replace it with your custom component - you will have to handle both of these features in your component if you need them in your app.
Default Toast component has follow properties:
| Property | Description | | --------------- | -------------------------------- | | text string, required | Message to display in notification | | actionText string | Text of the action button | | onActionClick func | Action button click handler | | ariaLabel string | Default: text property value. Should be used for better accessibility. | | variant "error" | Variant of message |


Default presentational Toast component provides accessibility features:
  • When toast is opened, action button gets focused if its present
  • When toast is hidden, previous focus is restored
  • When toast is shown, screen reader reads its message or ariaLabel value. Since action button gets focused automatically - it's nice to have an aria-label that mentions it, e.g. `Item deleted, click to undo.


ToastProvider accepts properties for customizing the behaviour of the notifications.
| Property | Description | | --------------- | -------------------------------- | | timeout number | Default: 4500. The time until a toast is dismissed, in milliseconds. | | component | Presentational component for displaying notifications. | | position top-right, bottom-right, top-left, bottom-left, top-center, bottom-center | Default: bottom-left. Position of the toasts on the screen. |


  • Improve accessibility for focused toast actions
  • Check colors AA accessibility level
  • Let toasts hide without animation
  • Custom container classnames