Simple is best. Accessible out of the box, tiny api, bring your own styles.

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Simple is best. Accessible out of the box, tiny api, bring your own styles. Don't let libraries you use get in the way of what you want, build up, not down. React 16+ only.


npm install react-focus-lock react-best-modal --save

import React from 'react';
import BestModal from 'react-best-modal';
import { render } from 'react-dom';

const appRoot = document.getElementById('root');

const App = ({ showModal, closeModal }) => (
    Hi Mom!
    {showModal && (
      <BestModal onRequestClose={closeModal} appRoot={appRoot}>
        <button>Hello, World!</button>

render(<App />, appRoot);

NOTE: Make sure you have an element inside your modal that is focusable. Essentially, any input, button, or element with tabIndex="0". This is to ensure focus is set correctly inside the modal - while this isn't enforced, it's strongly advised.


It's up to you to style and position your modal. Want to disable scrolling content behind your modal? You have to do it yourself. There's an example implementation here.


react-best-modal works perfectly with ReactTransitionGroup.


If you're driving home for the ultimate accessible modal, make sure to use aria-labelledby and aria-describedby, for title and description of the modal, like so:
  <button onClick={closeModal}>close</button>
  <h2 id="modal-title">Hello, World!</h2>
  <p id="modal-description">This is a modal, hello worlding!</p>

Pro tips

  • Have an element that is focusable (for example there is a button above).
  • Make sure to embrace aria-labelledby and aria-describedby.


  • Focus will be trapped inside the modal when mounted.
  • Focus will automatically jump to the modal's first element when mounted, and will return to the previous focused element when unmounted.

Multiple modals (modals in modals)

This isn't supported. It's also bad practice to show many modals at a time.



import BestModal from 'react-best-modal';


| prop | type | required | description | | ---------------- | -------------------------- | -------- | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | children | ReactNode | yes | Your modal markup. | | onRequestClose | (e: KeyboardEvent) => void | yes | Callback when the modal wants to close. Up to you to action it. | | appRoot | HTMLElement | yes | Root of your application. The modal will add and remove accessible attributes when appropriate. | | className | string | no | | | disableFocusLock | boolean | no | Disables focus lock. Useful if something else wants to trap focus. |
All other props that are valid on a HTMLElement are passed through.