React wrapper for the bodymovin animation library

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A very simple React wrapper for the awesome bodymovin library.
Does the bare minimum to embed an animation within a React application at the moment. If more things are required they can be added later. I assume you're going to build your application with webpack (this may be a bad assumption, if so, sorry), so the library isn't compiled ahead of time. I do run it through babel, but I don't flatten the require statements down or minify since you may want to do something funky there.


npm install --save react-bodymovin


import React from 'react'
import ReactBodymovin from 'react-bodymovin'
import animation from './animation.json'

const App = () => {
  const bodymovinOptions = {
    loop: true,
    autoplay: true,
    prerender: true,
    animationData: animation

  return (
      <ReactBodymovin options={bodymovinOptions} />

export default App

File size

Bodymovin is pretty huge, sadly, so you may want to load this dependency optionally somehow if you don't need it on every page. By default this will use the minified "light" version which only supports SVG to make it a little smaller.
If you need the full Bodymovin library with expression support you can require ReactBodymovinFull instead.
import ReactBodymovin from 'react-bodymovin/lib/ReactBodymovinFull'

Here's the bodymovin file sizes so you can decide for yourself. I recommend using the light version (which is the default) if you can.
| Bodymovin file sizes | Normal | Light | |----------------------|--------|-------| | Default | 492K | 311K | | Minified | 226K | 129K | | Minified + Gzipped | 53K | 34K |