React dynamic breadcrumbs extremely flexible and easy to use

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> React dynamic breadcrumbs > extremely flexible > and > easy to use
This is completely router-independent solution. You can use it with any version of React Router (2 or 3 or 4) or any other routing library for React or without routing at all. All what you need is just to specify components for breadcrumbs items and its props. However props and components should be specified separately. Props should be specified in intermediator component BreadcrumbsItem anywhere in your hierarchy of components and routes.
Visit live DEMO (source code of demo in example folder)
const Profile = ({user}) => (

      {user.firstName} {user.lastName}

      {user.firstName} {user.lastName}
npm install --save react-through react-breadcrumbs-dynamic

# definitions may be installed if typescript is used
# ( worked for 1.0.10, leave feedback if any )
npm install --save @types/react-breadcrumbs-dynamic
Base configuration
Do you already use declarative communications through react tree with react-through? Just add <ThroughProvider/> to the root of your React component tree:
import {ThroughProvider} from 'react-through'

const theApp = (
    <App />

ReactDOM.render(theApp, document.getElementById('root'))
Instance configuration
In this example the react-router v4 <NavLink> is used as breadcrumbs item:
import {Breadcrumbs} from 'react-breadcrumbs-dynamic'

const Page = (props) => (
  return (
    <div className="App">

          separator={<b> / </b>}
            style: {color: 'red'}




Please note that item and finalItem require react component (class) instead of react element. However separator requires react element.
By default order of items is based on URL length. You can override the sort order as you like just specify comparision function in compare prop which receive pair of objects containing props of breadcrumbs item. For example: <Breadcrumbs compare={(a,b)=>a.weight-b.weight} removeProps={{weight: true}} />.
If you use <a> tag based items then you will find renameProps or duplicateProps useful to map prop to on prop href like this: <Breadcrumbs renameProps={{to:"href"}} />.
Adding items to breadcrumbs
Each routed component in your react tree is generally associated with route and with correspondent breadcrumbs. Each component may add its breadcrumbs item by rendering <BreadcrumbsItem> with any props and children.
Example tree of routed components with breadcrumbs items:
import {BreadcrumbsItem} from 'react-breadcrumbs-dynamic'

const App = (props) => (
    <BreadcrumbsItem to='/'>Main Page</BreadcrumbsItem>
    <Route exact path="/user" component={User} />

const User = (props) => (
    <BreadcrumbsItem to='/user'>Home</BreadcrumbsItem>
    <Route exact path="/user/contacts" component={Contacts} />

const Contacts = (props) => (
    <BreadcrumbsItem to='/user/contacts'>Contacts</BreadcrumbsItem>

You can declaratively pass props with any data, functions, components and so on through react tree in any direction because react-through allows to do that.
The result of above code will represent breadcrumbs like this:
<NavLink to='/'>Main Page</NavLink>
<b> / </b>
<NavLink to='/user'>Home</NavLink>
<b> / </b>
<b to='/user/contacts'>Contacts</b>

If you use library or if you think that it is good for use - let people know about that - click the star.
The components and functions

Breadcrumbs component props

The breadcrumbs instance is implemented in the Breadcrumbs component, which is the through container in terms of react-through
| property | type | default | description | | -------- | ---- | ------- | ------- | | separator | element | undefined | separator between breadcrumbs items | | item | component | a | component of breadcrumbs items | | finalItem | component | value of item prop | component of final breadcrumbs item | | finalProps | object | {} | final item props - will override specified in BreadcrumbsItem | | container | component | span | wrapper component | | containerProps | object | {} | props for container component | | compare | function | (a,b)=> | comparision function for sorting items | | hideIfEmpty | boolean | false | show or hide breadcrumbs container if items exist or not | | renameProps | object | {} | rename props passed from item BreadcrumbsItem to item | | duplicateProps | object | {} | duplicate props passed from item BreadcrumbsItem to item | | removeProps | object | {} | props aren't passed from item BreadcrumbsItem to item |

BreadcrumbsItem component props

The BreadcrumbsItem component is the through agent with bearing key in prop to in terms of react-through.
The BreadcrumbsItem component may have any prop and may have children. Each prop for BreadcrumbsItem will be passed to correspondent breadcrumb component specified in item or finalItem prop of Breadcrumbs. Only one prop is mandatory.
| property | type | default | description | | -------- | ---- | ------- | ------- | | to | string | required | mandatory required bearing key with URL | | ... | any | | any properties - will be mapped to correspondent breadcrumb item |

withBreadcrumbsItem() function

Advanced usage higher order component function. It acquire one argument with your custom react component and return appropriate component which will have breadcrumbs in its props with methods item() and items() like throughAgent from react-through

this.props.breadcrumbs.item() and this.props.breadcrumbs.items()

Advanced usage methods to configure breadcrumbs item of your react component. These methods will be added to props by HOC of withBreadcrumbsItem function. The function item() accepts one react component with props and the functions items() accepts react component with children which may contain any number of components to create correspondent number of breadcrumbs item. The breadcrumbs item for these functions may be any react component and only props is significant. The Dummy and the Item components is exported by library for this case. Each function accepts null to reset breadcrumbs items to none if current component is no more needed to represent any breadcrumbs items.


The through area name used by this library is defined in breadcrumbsThroughArea variable.
The prop name which contain bearing key is defined in breadcrumbsBearingKey.
import { breadcrumbsThroughArea } from 'react-breadcrumbs-dynamic'
import { breadcrumbsBearingKey } from 'react-breadcrumbs-dynamic'