HTML5 Canvas-based React knob/dial component

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jQuery Knob rebuilt with React (no jQuery). This is an HTML5 Canvas-based component that serves as a circular range input. Accepts mouse, touch, scrollwheel, and keyboard input.


npm install react-canvas-knob --save

Example usage

Please note that react-canvas-knob must be used as a controlled input.
import React from 'react';
import Knob from 'react-canvas-knob';

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  state = {value: 50};

  handleChange = (newValue) => {
    this.setState({value: newValue});

  render() {
    return (


| name | description | default | |------|-------------|---------| |value|numeric value of knob|n/a| |onChange|function to be called on user input with the current numerical value|n/a| |onChangeEnd|function to be called on mouseUp or touchEnd with the current numerical value|n/a| |min|min value|0| |max|max value|100| |step|step size|1| |log|enable logarithmic scale (must use non-zero min and max, step > 1)|false| |width or height|dimension of square (px)|200| |thickness|gauge thickness|0.35| |lineCap|gauge stroke ending style (butt or round)|'butt'| |bgColor|background color|'#EEE'| |fgColor|foreground color|'#EA2'| |inputColor|text color|fgColor| |font|font family|'Arial'| |fontWeight|font weight|'bold'| |clockwise|direction of progression|true| |cursor|use cursor display mode - give width value or true which uses the default cursor width (30)|false| |stopper|stop at min & max on keydown/mousewheel|true| |readOnly|disable all user input|false| |disableTextInput|disable manual text input only|false| |displayInput|show numeric input box|true| |displayCustom|function that will render your custom component in the centre. (Make sure to set displayInput as false, as that takes priority)|n/a| |angleArc|arc size in degrees|360| |angleOffset|starting angle in degrees|0| |disableMouseWheel|disable changes on mouse wheel use|false| |title|adds title attribute to the wheel|value| |className|custom className to be applied to the container element|null| |canvasClassName|custom className to be applied to the canvas element|null|


  • Make changes to Knob.js, then run npm run babel to transpile.


  • Fix for height > width condition
  • Port displayPrevious feature
  • Downwards compatibility
  • Implement some of the existing pull requests
  • Improve manual text input