A flexible and easy to use Chips component for React

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A controlled React input for arrays of data. Example
A chip is a component used to represent an arbitrary data object.

Getting Started

npm install --save react-chips

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Chips, { Chip } from '../src'

class YourComponent extends Component {

  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      chips: []

  onChange = chips => {
    this.setState({ chips });

  render() {
    return (
          suggestions={["Your", "Data", "Here"]}



|Property|Type|Required|Description| |--------|----|:-----:|-----------| |value|Array|✓|An array of data that represents the value of the chips| |onChange|Function|✓|A function called when the value of chips changes, passes the chips value as an argument.| |placeholder|String||The placeholder to populate the input with| |theme|Object||A react-themeable theme| |chipTheme|Object|| A react-themeable theme that will override the default chip theme, |suggestions|Array||Data to fill the autocomplete list with| |fetchSuggestions|Function|| Delegate expecting to recive autocomplete suggestions (callback or promise)| |fetchSuggestionsThrushold|Number|| Maximum calls to fetchSuggestions per-second | |fromSuggestionsOnly|Boolean||Only allow chips to be added from the suggestions list| |uniqueChips|Boolean||Only allow one chip for each object| |renderChip|Function||For custom chip usage. A function that passes the value of the chip as an argument, must return an element that will be rendered as each chip.| |suggestionsFilter|Function||A function that is passed an autoCompleteData item, and the current input value as arguments. Must return a boolean for if the item should be shown.| |getChipValue|Function||A function used to change the value that is passed into each chip.| |createChipKeys|Array||An array of keys/keyCodes that will create a chip with the current input value when pressed. (Will not work of fromSuggestionsOnly is true).| |getSuggestionValue|Function||The value to show in the input when a suggestion is selected| |renderSuggestion|Function||For custom autocomplete list item usage. A function that passes the value as an argument, must return an element to render for each list item.| |shouldRenderSuggestions|Function||See AutoSuggest| |alwaysRenderSuggestions|Boolean||See AutoSuggest| |highlightFirstSuggestion|Boolean||See AutoSuggest| |focusInputOnSuggestionClick|Boolean||See AutoSuggest| |multiSection|Boolean||See AutoSuggest| |renderSectionTitle|Function|✓ when multiSection={true}|See AutoSuggest| |getSectionSuggestions|Function|✓ when multiSection={true}|See AutoSuggest|


This project uses react-themeable and Radium for styling. The Chips, and default Chip components both accept a theme prop. The theme structure, and default theme can be found here

Custom Chip Component

You may use a custom chip component, simply return the custom component to the renderChip prop function. This component will receive the following additional props from the Chips component.
  renderChip={value => <CustomChip>{value}</CustomChip>}

|Property|Type|Description| |--------|----|-----------| |selected|bool|A boolean that tells the chip if it is currently selected.| |onRemove|func|A function to be invoked when the chip should be removed|

Async Suggestions

To fetch asynchronous suggestions use fetchSuggestions.
  fetchSuggestions={(value, callback) => {

// or with a Promise

  fetchSuggestions={(value) => someAsyncCallThatReturnsPromise}