A component wrapper that provides click outside detection.

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React Click Outside
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Enhance a React component with a Higher Order Component that provides click outside detection.
Note: React 0.14 required for version >= 2.x. This assumes react and react-dom is installed in your project. Continue using version 1.x for React 0.13 support.
Note: Use version >= 2.3.0 to get rid of React.createClass warnings in React 15.5.


npm install react-click-outside

Some component that you wish to enhance with click outside detection:
const createReactClass = require('create-react-class');
const enhanceWithClickOutside = require('react-click-outside');
const React = require('react');

const Dropdown = createReactClass({
  getInitialState() {
    return {
      isOpened: false,

  handleClickOutside() {

  toggle() {
    this.setState({ isOpened: !this.state.isOpened });

  render() {

module.exports = enhanceWithClickOutside(Dropdown);

Note: There will be no error thrown if handleClickOutside is not implemented.

wrappedRef prop

Use the wrappedRef prop to get access to the wrapped component instance. For example:
// Inside a component's render method
  wrappedRef={instance => { this.toggle = instance.toggle; }}

// Now you can call toggle externally


The enhanceWithClickOutside function wraps the provided component in another component that registers a click handler on document for the event capturing phase. Using the event capturing phase prevents elements with a click handler that calls stopPropagation from cancelling the click event that would eventually trigger the component's handleClickOutside function.

Why not a mixin?

There are some mixins that provide click outside detection functionality, but they prevent the component from implementing the componentDidMount and componentWillUnmount life cycle hooks. I recommend not using a mixin for this case.


  • IE9+ due to the usage of the event capturing phase.

Not working on iOS?

If the handleClickOutside handler is not firing on iOS, try adding the cursor: pointer css style to the <body> element. There are many ways to achieve this, here is just one example:
if ('ontouchstart' in document.documentElement) { = 'pointer';

If your app already has a way for mobile detection (e.g. Modernizr), you may want to use that instead.
See issue #4i for a discussion.