A <datalist> polyfill for reactjs

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React-datalist is an attempt at making a \ polyfill as a reusable react module.
Feedback in the form of issues and pull-requests is very much appreciated!
Check out the DEMO
PS! For use with react@0.12 or earlier, user react-datalist@1.3.1. 2.0.0 support react@0.13.0 and newer.


npm install react-datalist


var React = require('react')
var ReactDatalist = require('react-datalist')

var options = ['apple','orange','pear','pineapple','melon']
React.render(<ReactDatalist list="fruit" options={options} />, document.body)


list             * - <datalist id="list"> and <input list="list">
options          * - the available options
placeholder        - a placeholder for the input field
forcePoly          - always use the polyfill                     (default false)
blurTimeout        - timeout after blur before hinding opts      (default 200ms)
autoPosition       - automatically position the options list     (default true)
initialFilter      - set the initial input value                 (default '')
hideOptionsOnEsc   - hide options on esc                         (default true)
hideOptionsOnBlur  - hide options on input blur                  (default true)
    includeLayoutStyle - include internal layout styling (style tag) (default true)
onOptionSelected   - callback triggered when option is considered selected
getController      - pass a function to collect a controller object (see below)

* = required


The getController property is there to enable external control of the component's inner state - while keeping the state in sync. It takes a function that will return a controller object.
getController : function(controller) { /* ... */ }
The controller offers the following
controller.setFilter(string, callback)  - sets the value of the input
controller.toggleOptions(callback)      - toggle show/hide of options. shown bool passed to callback.
controller.getState()                   - gets the current inner state
controller.setState(newState, callback) - set a new inner state


React-datalist includes both a input and a datalist element. In order to stay fairly simple to use, align with react and avoid native events and other trickery, this was necessary. The structure is as follows:
// Native

<div class="react-datalist-container">
	<input class="react-datalist-input">
	<datalist class="react-datalist">
		<option value="values">

// Polyfill

<div class="react-datalist-container">
	<input class="react-datalist-input">
	<div class="react-datalist">
		<div class="react-datalist-option">values</div>
If you need to interact with the input element, attach listeners like onInputChange, onInputBlur, etc. (Note to self: expose additional input events. Note to others: encourage by creating issues)


There is also some (quite useful) styling you can/should use. You can find it under
nodemodules/react-datalist/react-datalist.styl. If you don't use stylus it's pretty small and easy to copy. I might include it if I pack up a UMD module for React-datalist. Anyone want that? Create an issue :-)
(Note to self: Convert styling to plain css)
(Idea: Should I pack a commonjs module that include the styling?)


The module itself does not make us of JSX as not to impose restrictions on the user.


For a full feature list check out the spec



  • Bumped React peerDependency major version to ^15.0.0 :tada: thanks to @dcousens


  • Support for React v0.14 :rocket:
  • Updated testdom which also updates jsdom wich in turn requires node 4+ :stuckouttongueclosedeyes:


  • Support for React v0.13 :tada: :rocket:


  • Moved react to peerDependencies with >= instaed of ^


  • Added support for props.className to set extra classes (by @blackbing #11)
  • Added support for props.defaultValue to set default value (by @blackbing #11)


  • Added hideOptionsOnEsc for the ability to opt out of hiding options when user hits esc
  • Added controller.getState for a sneak peak at the inner state
  • Added controller.setState for improved external control


  • Bumped the blurTimeout up to 200ms (people were having issues)
  • Added the ability to specify blurTimeout via props
  • Added hideOptionsOnBlur for the ability to opt out of hide-options-on-blur


  • Removed setFilter support
  • Added a more generic getController prop that returns an object with functions for external control
  • Added setFilter to controller
  • Added toggleOptions to controller


  • Added support for externally controlling the filter state via the setFilter property.


  • Minor improvement to help testing (test are too fast for my timeouts :-P)


  • Increased hide-options timeout on blur (more time to make click register)
  • Supporting placeholder property for input


  • Added support for passing initial input value via the initialFilter property.


  • Initial release! YaY :-D