React component wrapper for the Duo Web SDK

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react-duo-web is a React component wrapper for the the two-factor authentication UI flow provided by the Duo Web SDK.
Your client-side React app need not have a <script> tag referencing the web SDK Javascript. Instead, simply introduce Duo into your existing app as you would any other component:
import Duo from 'react-duo-web';
import React from 'react';

export default MyComponent extends React.Component {
  handle2FAComplete(sigResponse) {
    // Make a request to a server-side endpoint to validate the sig response

  render() {
    return (
        sigRequest={'...long sig request string...'}


Duo is the React component class exported by react-duo-web that you can include in your existing components in the standard way.
Duo accepts the following props (all other props are proxied to the wrapped iframe):
|Prop|Description|Required| |----|-----------|--------| |host|The API host used by Duo for 2FA validation. You can find this in your admin control panel.|true| |sigRequest|The server-side signed request token passed back to the client after the initial authentication request completes.|true| |sigResponseCallback|A callback function invoked after the entire 2FA flow is complete, called with the sig response string as the single parameter.|false|