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React Excel Workbook
React Excel Workbook is a library for defining downloadable excel workbooks with react components.


```jsx import Workbook from 'react-excel-workbook' const data1 = {
foo: '123',
bar: '456',
baz: '789'
}, {
foo: 'abc',
bar: 'dfg',
baz: 'hij'
}, {
foo: 'aaa',
bar: 'bbb',
baz: 'ccc'
const data2 = {
aaa: 1,
bbb: 2,
ccc: 3
}, {
aaa: 4,
bbb: 5,
ccc: 6
const example = (
<Workbook filename="example.xlsx" element={<button className="btn btn-lg btn-primary">Try me!</button>}>
<Workbook.Sheet data={data1} name="Sheet A">
<Workbook.Column label="Foo" value="foo"/>
<Workbook.Column label="Bar" value="bar"/>
<Workbook.Sheet data={data2} name="Another sheet">
<Workbook.Column label="Double aaa" value={row => * 2}/>
<Workbook.Column label="Cubed ccc " value={row => Math.pow(row.ccc, 3)}/>
) render(example, document.getElementById('app')) ``` Example Excel Workbooks can have multiple sheets. Sheets can use the same or different data sets(an array of objects). Sheets have columns. Columns define a column label and value. Values can either be a string(the property name) or a function that takes the current object and returns a value.


This package uses file-saver and xlsx packages. I am only familiar with webpack and in order for everything to work with webpack you must use the json-loader and have this defined in your webpack config. ```js node: {fs: 'empty'}, externals: {'./cptable': 'var cptable'}, {'./jszip': 'jszip'} ``` See the example directory for a working example.


I have no idea how to test this.