A simple react js package for google place suggestion,current location and coordinates

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A Simple package for get current location,get google place autocomplete,get coordinates of selected location in react


Current Location with coordinates
Google location and place autocomplete
Coordinates with selected google location
Location fiter by country
Location result in all google supported language

Getting Started

Install the library:
``` npm i react-google-location ```

Import and use React google location

Import GoogleCompoent from module from package
import { GoogleComponent } from 'react-google-location'
//... import React, { Component } from 'react';
const APIKEY = APIKEYFROMGOOGLE // how to get key - step are below
class HomeComponent extends Component { constructor(props) {
this.state = {
  place: null,
render() {
return (
  <div >
      onChange={(e) => { this.setState({ place: e }) }} />

} }
export default HomeComponent;


| Name | Required | Type | Default value | Description | |-----------------|----------|----------|---------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | apiKey | Yes | string | null | need to get from google place api and pass as string. if key is invalid or empty result be b not found | | language | optional | string | en | language will change the lanugae of search result it will support all lanugage which is suppored by google place api for help link is here Language suppored by google | | | country | optional | object | | country prop will change the country where you want to search .you can add 5 country for filter. | | coordinates | optional | boolean | | Coordinates props will return coordinates of selected place | | locationBoxStyle | optional | string | | locationBoxStyle allow your to make custom style of search box | | locationListStyle | optional | string | | locationListStyle allow your to make custom style of search list |

Use multiple languages

Pass key and value pair in the country object like this ``` country={in|country:pr|country:vi|country:gu|country:mp} ```

Get Api Key

You need to enable key for google place as well google geocode also
click here click on the GET A KEY button now select a project or create new porject. Click on the Next and your key is enabled. You can copy this is key and pass as a apikey :)