React component for google street view

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This is a simple react component for google-maps street view. The component uses google maps api for fetching the street view. The controls on the map can be used to navigate around, get a 360 view and switch to google-maps.
In case, street view does not exist for the given address the component displays the location on google map.
Demo gif


npm install react-google-map-street-view


<StreetView address="Address goes here" APIkey="google maps api key" streetView zoomLevel={15}/>


  • APIkey (string, required) : Google-maps api key
  • address (string, required) : Address for street view
  • zip (number) : Zip code for address (can be included in address field itself)
  • streetView (bool) : true for street-view and false for map-view
  • zoomLevel (number) : zoom level for map view
  • streetViewZoom (number) : zoom level for street view
  • defaultText (string) : Default message
  • errorText (string) : Error message
  • mapStyle (object) : Style object for map container
  • textStyle (object) : Style object for default text message

Alternate Usage

The component can be used for getting google map location for the address. This can be done by updating the streetView prop. Demo gif