A horizontal timeline component made using react

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React Horizontal Timeline
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A react port of the horizontal time-line developed by CodyHouse. Here is a demo I hope you too are a fan of the elder scrolls.


It will just render a timeline with the dates that you provided and it is up to you what to do when a date is selected. i.e. it will give you the index of the date that was clicked and you can do anything with it.
Property | Type | Default | Description :--------------------------|:--------------|:-------------------------------|:-------------------------------- values (required) | array | undefined | sorted array of dates (format:yyyy-mm-dd) indexClick (required) | function | undefined | function that takes the index of the array as argument index (required) | number | undefined | the index of the selected date getLabel | function | date.toDateString().substring(4) | A function to calculate the label of the event based on the date of the event minEventPadding | number | 20 | The minimum padding between two event labels maxEventPadding | number | 120 | The maximum padding between two event labels linePadding | number | 100 | Padding used at the start and end of the timeline labelWidth | number | 85 | The width of an individual label fillingMotion | object |{ stiffness: 150, damping: 25 } | Sets the animation style of how filling motion will look slidingMotion | object |{ stiffness: 150, damping: 25 } | Sets the animation style of how sliding motion will look styles | object |{ background: '#f8f8f8', foreground: '#7b9d6f', outline: '#dfdfdf' } | object containing the styles for the timeline currently outline (the color of the boundaries of the timeline and the buttons on it's either side), foreground (the filling color, active color) and background (the background color of your page) colors of the timeline can be changed. isTouchEnabled | boolean | true | Enable touch events (swipe left, right) isKeyboardEnabled | boolean | true | Enable keyboard events (up, down, left, right) isOpenBeginning | boolean | true | Show the beginning of the timeline as open ended isOpenEnding | boolean | true | Show the ending of the timeline as open ended
This is how it can be used.
const VALUES = [ /* The date strings go here */ ];

export default class App extends React.Component {
  state = { value: 0, previous: 0 };

  render() {
    return (
        {/* Bounding box for the Timeline */}
        <div style={{ width: '60%', height: '100px', margin: '0 auto' }}>
            indexClick={(index) => {
              this.setState({ value: index, previous: this.state.value });
            values={ VALUES } />
        <div className='text-center'>
          {/* any arbitrary component can go here */}    
For more advanced usage take a look at the demos directory.

Running the development version

  • Just clone the repo and do an npm install (or yarn install)
  • Note: You will need to do npm install react react-dom to install peerDependencies as both yarn and npm don't do this.
  • Run npm run start/npm start/yarn start.
  • Then go to localhost:5001/demos/<demo_name>/index.html to see the fruits of your labor.

Here is the information provided by the original author.

An easy to customize, horizontal timeline powered by CSS and jQuery.
Article on CodyHouse