Hyperscript syntax for React.js markup

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Hyperscript syntax for React.js markup.


var h = require('react-hyperscript');
var React = require('react');

var AnotherComponent = require('./another-component');

module.exports = React.createClass({
  render: function render() {
    return (
      h('div.example', [
        h('h1#heading', 'This is hyperscript'),
        h('h2', 'creating React.js markup'),
        h(AnotherComponent, {foo: 'bar'}, [
          h('li', [
            h('a', {href: ''}, 'One list item')
          h('li', 'Another list item')


If you're using React 0.11, use react-hyperscript 1.x.x. For later versions, use react-hyperscript 2.x.x.
Object.assign is used in this library and is not poly-filled.

h(componentOrTag, properties, children)

Returns a React element.
  • componentOrTag Object|String - Can be a React component OR tag
string with optional css class names/id in the format If a tag string, it will parse out the tag name and change the id and className properties of the properties object.
  • properties Object (optional) - An object containing the properties
you'd like to set on the element.
  • children Array|String (optional) - An array of h() children or
a string. This will create child elements or a text node, respectively.
  • listOfElements Array - An array of React elements that will be wrapped with React.Fragment.