React Input Field

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A carefully crafted input field for React

See demo at


support for clear tool validation, emptyness & associated styles custom styling & events


var Field = require('react-input-field')

var VALUE = 'initial value'

var App = React.createClass({

    // ********
    // NOTE: the first argument is the new value, NOT the event
    // ********
    handleChange: function(value){
        VALUE = value

    render: function(){

        function validate(value){
            return value !== ''

        return <Field onChange={this.handleChange} validate={validate} />

React.render(<App />, document.body)


Unlike normal <input> fields (React.DOM.input), react-input-field calls the onChange handler with the input value being the first arg!
function onChange(value, fieldProps, event){

<Field onChange={onChange} />


onChange(value: String, props: Object, event: Event) - a function to be called when the input value changes placeholder: String - a placeholder for the input readOnly: Boolean - the value for the readonly attribute for the input field autoFocus: Boolean - the value of the autoFocus attribute for the input clearTool: Boolean/String/ReactElement - defaults to true. Whether to show a clear tool or not when field value is not empty. If the boolean true, ✖ will be rendered as a clear tool, otherwise, the given value will be used. validate: Function - if given, it will be called with the value of the field. If it returns false, the field will have a css class that marks it as invalid (defaults to props.invalidClassName='z-invalid') clearToolStyle: Object - a style for the clear tool clearToolColor: String - a color for the clear tool clearToolOverColor: String - a color for the clear tool, when hovered onClearToolClick: Function(value: String, props: Object, event: Event) emptyValue: String/Function isEmpty: Function onValidityChange: Function(valid: boolean, value, props) - function called when the validity changes toolsPosition: String - defaults to 'right'. Can also be 'left' invalidStyle: Object - style to be applied when the field is invalid name: String - the value of the name attribute for the field onFocus: Function(event) onBlur: Function(event) onKeyUp: Function(event) ... etc and all onKeyXXX events

Look & feel

Styling with className

className - a class name to be applied to the component emptyClassName - a class name to be applied to the component, when the value is empty (as determined by isEmpty prop - default implementation is value == null) invalidClassName - a class name to be applied to the component when it has an invalid value (as determined by the validate function prop)

Styling with style object

  • style - styles to be applied to the component
  • emptyStyle - styles to be applied to the component when the value is empty
  • invalidStyle - styles to be applied to the component when the value is invalid (as determined by the validate function prop)
  • focusedStyle - styles to be applied to the component when it is focused


In order to perform validation, simply provide a validate function.
function validate(value, props){
  return value === ""

<Field validate={validate} defaultValue="test" />

When validate returns false, invalidClassName and invalidStyle are applied.

Input props

Configuring the <input /> directly can be done using the inputProps prop (because style, emptyStyle, emptyClassName, etc... are applied to the wrapping div, not the input itself)
<Field inputProps={{type: 'tel'}} />

But most of the time you wont need to use inputProps directly.
Example - no need to specify the onFocus callback on inputProps, since it is called due to event delegation.
function onFocus(event){
    //called on input focus

<Field onFocus={onFocus} />
```jsx ```
inputInvalidStyle inputEmptyStyle


Use Github issues
for feature requests and bug reports.
We actively welcome pull requests.
For setting up & starting the project locally, use:
$ git clone
$ cd react-input-field
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

Now navigate to localhost:9090
Before building a new version, make sure you run
$ npm run build
which compiles the src folder (which contains jsx files) into the lib folder (only valid EcmaScript 5 files).